Sunday, 10 August 2014

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Ronald Allen ( who played David Hunter) and Sue Lloyd (Barbara Hunter at the motel) on a 1984 magazine cover, celebrating twenty years of Crossroads. When Sue Lloyd's character (then Barbara Brady) first appeared in 1979, she was a stranger in King's Oak, working as a housekeeper, and worried her employer - who thought she might be out to poison him! She wasn't, of course, and in 1980 married David. The pair were a popular feature of the series, until they were were written out in 1985.

Jeannine Hochet's Crossroads fan site is a truly wonderful resource, featuring various newspaper and magazine articles, and, incredibly, a diary she kept of events at the Crossroads Motel from 1974 to 1985.

Jeannine's idol was Ronald Allen who played David Hunter, business partner of Meg Richardson/Mortimer, and she faithfully jotted down the story lines of each episode until Mr H left King's Oak in 1985.

As many of the episodes have now been wiped - and most are not available commercially - the diary makes a wonderful read, taking you back to the '70s days of Sid Vicious, Vera Downend, John Travolta and the Winter of Discontent, and the '80s days of Adam and the Ants, Valerie Pollard, the Thompson Twins and the arrival of the yuppie.

Do take a look - it's a dream come true for all Crossroads fans: 

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