Monday, 19 August 2013

The Brownlows: The Mystery Of The Disappearing Dinner...

"It's all very well you saying 'use that tin of spam - give Dad sandwiches for dinner,' Glenda, but that tin's been in the cupboard since 1980 and you can't give a man spam when he's been out working all day."

Stumbled upon an intriguing Crossroads culinary mystery in a a copy of the Sun newspaper, dated February 19, 1982 today:

Tucking into a hot meal

A real life whodunnit has developed behind the scenes of telly's Crossroads.

It started when a meal was specially cooked and laid on the table of the studio home of the Brownlows.

The cast left for a short break and when they returned someone had scoffed the lot.

Now Central TV has really made a meal of it by issuing a memo laying down strict rules on who eats what and when.

Staff of the hit telly series are hardly on breadline wages, yet this is the second time since January that food has been swiped.

One of the official cakes for the channel's launch also went missing.