Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Our Top 50 Favourite Crossroads Characters - 31: Mrs Vi Blundell

We're fond of old grouse soap characters. Where would our soaps be without their Martha Longhursts, Percy Sugdens and Mrs Blundells? 

Mrs Blundell? you ask. Ah, yes, Mrs Vi Blundell we reply.

Mrs B was played by Peggy Aitchison and appeared in the very first episode of Crossroads back in November 1964. She was cook at that point, and marched out in a huff when Meg Richardson employed Carlos Rafael in her place.

This was not the last time the motel saw Mrs Blundell though - she was in and out of the place, helping out in the kitchen, until the early 1970s. She formed an unholy alliance with Amy Turtle against the oh-so-particular Mr Booth at one point, and generally soaked up and dispensed gossip (and also dispensed grumbles) with aplomb. 

She disappeared from the series as the '70's got underway, but Peggy Aitchison returned briefly in the mid-1980s as Lily Boone, a friend of Nicola Freeman.

What a shame Mrs Blundell had not been resurrected, I thought at the time.

Wonderful character - and such a great pal for Amy!

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