Sunday, 3 August 2014

Charlie Mycroft And Growler Meet Debbie Lancaster

Further to Tim's recent e-mail regarding Growler, Charlie Mycroft's mascot toy Scottie dog (well, we think that's what he was!), the guardian of his pillow, we've found this 1987 screen cap of the aforementioned loveable canine.

So, there you are, Tim - Growler - just for you!

Of course, Debbie Lancaster, AKA "Debbie Dreadful", was a bit taken aback by Growler. She met him on her very first visit to the motel, and much preferred Daniel Freeman.

There's no accounting for taste.


  1. Lovely! Do you have any mascots yourself? :)

    1. I have Steve the monkey. He was presented to me by my nephew about ten years ago and lives on the shelf by the kitchen serving hatch. Happy little chappie, he is.