Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Crossroads - 50th Anniversary - Our Top 50 Characters Of The 60s, 70s and 80s: No 50 - Arthur Brownlow

"I think I'll just dead-head me roses and then pop down the bowls club to see old Jenks..."

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the screen debut of the Crossroads saga, so, to mark the occasion, I'm going to count down my Top 50 favourite motel characters from the serial's original run - November 1964 to April 1988. And I begin at Number 50, with Mr Arthur Brownlow, played by Peter Hill, from late 1979 until late 1982.

Arthur was the grumpy husband of lovely, motherly Kath and the father of motel waitress Glenda and oil rig worker Ron. He certainly was grumpy, and an early story-line featured him being diagnosed with a terminal illness. The diagnosis turned out to be mistaken, and Arthur survived to gripe at Kath when she got the housekeeper's job at the motel, be accused of improper behaviour with his niece-in-law, Iris "I ain't dun nuthink, Auntie Kath" Scott, and join a highly dubious 'residents' protection group' when young black couple Joe and Trina MacDonald moved in next door with their infant son, Ben.

On the plus side, Arthur was no stick-in-the-mud when his daughter, Glenda, provoked horrified reactions from Kath and her husband, Kevin, by suggesting she had a test tube baby. Arthur backed her but didn't live to see the birth of his granddaughter, Katie Louise, as he was run down by a car the year before.

Arthur drove me potty at times, but I loved the Brownlows set-up and he was an integral part of that for almost three years. I often wondered what Kath saw in him, but the devastating effect of his death was testament to the fact that theirs was a marriage built on love.

And, yes, I kind of missed him when the character died.

Coming soon, who's in at 49?