Sunday, 27 July 2014

Our Top 50 Favourite Crossroads Characters - 32: Josefina Rafael

Josefina, played by Gillian Betts, was the wife of Crossroads chef, Carlos, in the 1960s. Both were Spanish. Josefina arrived in England after Carlos began work at the motel. Whilst Carlos was good hearted but fiery, Josefina was a warm and calming influence - and an optimist. She was a good friend to many of her fellow motel staff members, and a nice presence around the motel kitchen and dining room.

Carlos led her into several memorable scrapes.

But she loved him anyway.

Josefina's nephew, Peppi Costa, briefly added his culinary expertise to the motel kitchen staff, but, on returning to Spain for a holiday, was called up by the army.

1969 was a terrible year for Josefina: Carlos died in a fire after returning to Spain and she lost the baby she was carrying (I'm not quite sure of the order the tragic events took).

Poor Josefina! I can't remember her intended destination, but within a year or so she had left King's Oak - hopefully to rebuild her life and eventually find new happiness. 

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