Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Our Top 50 Crossroads Characters - 39: Miranda Pollard

It was the '80s and money was no object for Miranda Pollard. But her life could be stormy...

Miranda Pollard, played by Claire Faulconbridge, first arrived at the Crossroads Motel in 1980. She was romantically involved with Adam Chance. 

Miranda's father, J Henry Pollard, was a millionaire businessman who soon arrived in King's Oak too. Oh dear! Miranda's parents would later prove that a millionaire's daughter's lot in life is not always a happy one...

Miranda flitted in and out of King's Oak in the early-to-mid 1980s. When her mother, Valerie Pollard, first arrived at the motel in 1982, we saw just what a nightmare marriage Miranda originated from. Poor girl!

However, Miranda did not always help herself. She was determined to have her way and enjoy a weekend in Paris with Paul Ross, restaurant manager and her father's secret spy at the motel, but her mother found out and sent her an anonymous letter, claiming that she was also a former lover of Mr Ross. Miranda informed the police about the letter, unaware of who the author was, and it fell to her father to bribe the investigating police officer, Sergeant Annette Halls, thus ensuring the trail of evidence did not lead back to Valerie.

Miranda was dispatched, but soon returned, insisting that her father give her a place on the board of the motel, or never see her again. She had already proved herself a competent secretary and J Henry cobbled together a minor role for Miranda which kept her happy (ish).

Despite her frightfully rich background, Miranda was not a snob and was a popular member of the motel staff. In 1984, she became romantically involved with Dr Lawrence Wilcox of the King's Oak group practice, but quickly turned her attentions to Douglas Brady, brother of Barbara Hunter. This, of course, did not work out. Knowing Douglas, how could it? 

In 1985, Miranda was raped. Her mother Valerie visited King's Oak one last time and left with her daughter. Miranda was not seen at the motel again.

I remember Miranda as a glamorous member of the motel team, who (like so many soap heroines) made unwise choices in romance, but was generally likeable and dependable, despite an occasional flicker of a spoilt little rich kid mentality. This served to make the character more interesting. The rape was an exit story-line I found genuinely shocking. I was sorry to see her leave.

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