Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Our Top 50 Favourite Crossroads Characters - 42: Rosemary Hunter

1980 took a sudden turn for the worst for David Hunter as Rosemary confronted him in the motel office.  And she was armed. "David... say it... tell me you love me... SAY IT!" 

Rosemary, played by Janet Hargreaves, was the neurotic first wife of David Hunter. She was a one-time heavy drinker and all-time  pain in the neck. The highly civilised David actually struck her once. The programme's audience took his side.

Even after she and David were divorced, Rosemary still turned to him whenever she had a problem, and sometimes turned up at the motel to interfere with his business affairs. David and Rosemary had a son, Chris, but it was later revealed that David was not actually Chris's biological father.

Rosemary makes it into our Top 50 list simply because of the famous episode from 1980 when she shot David in the motel office. This occurred on the evening of David's engagement to novelist Barbara Brady. Rosemary had become more and more unhinged in the run-up to the engagement party, and afterwards confronted David, whining "Tell me you love me... say it..." 

When David refused, she shot him.

The scene has gone down in soap history and Rosemary's place amongst the Crossroads greats is absolutely assured - forever.

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