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Iris And Glenda Unite For Angela's Wedding!

When the Brownlow family moved to King's Oak at the end of 1979, Glenda Brownlow (Lynette McMorrough) was not happy - she'd left home to escape her parents, particularly her grumpy father, Arthur (Peter Hill).

The Brownlows - Arthur, Kath (Pamela Vezey), and Ron (Ian Liston) became familiar to Crossroads viewers as the show moved into the 1980s, but Noele Gordon initially loathed them as they were so downbeat!

As an aside, I seem to recall that Ian Liston made his screen debut as Ron Brownlow a little later than Kath and Arthur's arrival - perhaps around the start of 1980. If anybody has further information, I'd be very glad to hear from them!

The Brownlow family set-up wasn't exactly exciting, so, in 1980, Crossroads introduced two new characters - Kevin Banks (David Moran) and Iris Scott (Angela Webb). Kevin became Glenda's boyfriend, Iris, who was Kath's niece, became a terrible trouble maker.

Iris really was something. "I ain't done nuffink, Auntie Kath," she'd say, all innocence, but in reality...

Iris's opening move was to cause distress to the Hunters, when she purloined some cassettes containing recordings of therapy sessons, taped by Lloyd Munroe (Alan Gifford). The person being "theraped" was none other than Rosemary Hunter (Janet Hargreaves).

And it was revealed via the cassettes that Chris Hunter (Stephen Hoy) was not actually the son of David (Ronald Allen).

Oower, missus!

Around November 1980, determined to upset her cousin Glenda's cosy applecart, Iris seduced Kevin Banks.

And then, in 1981, Iris falsely accused her uncle-in-law Arthur Brownlow of molesting her in a motel chalet!


The Brownlows were no longer unexciting.

"You really are a bitch, Iris!" said Jill Chance (Jane Rossington) in 1984.

But Iris wasn't always a bitch - and that's what made her interesting. She could be kind and supportive - an excellent person to have around. You never knew quite what to expect from Iris!

In March 1981, bad feeling was running high between Glenda and Iris but, behind the scenes, things were very different...

From the Daily Mirror, March 17, 1981:

Crossroads actress Angela Webb buries the hatchet... with a wedding day hug for her worst screen enemy.

Angela, who is bitchy kitchen hand Iris in the hit TV series, married musician Robert Griffin on her 24th birthday yesterday, and picked actress Lynette McMorrough, who plays Glenda Brownlow, as bridesmaid.

The girls are good friends outside the Crossroads Motel. Lynette, 25, introduced Angela to Robert five months ago.

Several of the show's stars took time off from rehearsals to join the wedding celebrations at Edgbaston, Birmingham.

1980s cast photographs of Angela Webb, Ian Liston, Pamela Vezey, Lynette McMorrough, Peter Hill and David Moran. Arthur's opening story-line involved him being diagnosed with a terminal illness. In early 1980, it was discovered that there had been a mix-up, another Arthur Brownlow had died, and the King's Oak version lived on until 1982; Glenda married Kevin in 1981, and went on to have a test-tube baby in 1983; Ron fell in love with cousin Iris, but left to work on an oil rig after she had a phantom pregnancy; Kath went upwardly mobile after Arthur's death, by marrying posh school teacher Stephen Fellowes (John Line).

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