Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Crossroads - Mis-Dating With Mrs Pollard On YouTube...

An e-mail from "Doris":

Hello! I thought that Heather Chasen made her debut as Valerie Pollard in April 1982, but there is a clip on YouTube claiming her first scene was recorded in 1981 - before Central TV even took over from ATV - and a THIRD OF A YEAR before her screen debut!

Hello, Doris - yes, that would be "The Meakers" on YouTube, wouldn't it? And I notice somebody has copied their clip, complete with incorrect information. Nonsense, of course. No soap recorded four months in advance, certainly not dear old Crossroads, which was always pushed for time. It's absurd.

The original broadcast date of this episode was 22/4/1982. For it to have been recorded in 1981, allowing for the Christmas staff break, this would make it at least FIVE months between recording and broadcasting. Impossible. Even Meg's QE2 farewell was filmed on 19 October 1981, all ready for broadcast in November. Nobody can be seriously suggesting that after all the work that had gone into that storyline, the production team then accrued five months worth of episodes before the end of 1981. And that the new motel set - remember we're talking about the episodes post-fire here - was all up and ready and in use before the end of 1981 too.

Enjoy the clip but disregard the "RX" date - simply trash, darling - as Valerie might have said!

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